Basement Development
Only $288 - $574/Month

Basement Renovations

Reborn’s basement renovations packages are similar to new developments, except for one crucial phase of work; the quintessential demo and rework of the previously developed area. In order to get to a clean slate for renovating a previously developed basement, careful and meticulous demolition is required, which involves not only demo specialists, but also our mechanical and structural team members that work together on site to safely trace back the steps of the previous development.

In the best situations, a professional has previously renovated the space, and the rework is limited to clean and easy tear outs, updating to new code requirements, replacing normal wear and tear items, and upgrading particular areas to reflect new technological and aesthetic advances. On the flip side, Reborn has also redeveloped many DIY disasters, and has seen way too many instances of contractor negligence and malfeasance. When our highly experienced sales team comes to provide the estimate, they watch for red flags, and fully explain the issues to the client. If any significant red flags are spotted, Reborn consults with its production team of professional tradespeople, and if necessary, has them visit the home for a closer look. Our extra attention to detail and forthright disclosure to our clients are just two of the many essential qualities that make Reborn Renovations the best fit for your basement renovation project.