Basement Development
Only $288 - $574/Month

Basement Development Edmonton & Basement Renovations

At Reborn Renovations, we believe in delivering a basement development that caters to your lifestyle and delivers the look you envision. We develop the basement of your dreams by focusing on planning, project management and design to ensure the basement functions the way you need it to.

Our team at Reborn Renovations understands that households require usable space in their basements. Therefore, we will conduct an in-depth consultation session understanding your distinct needs and delivering accordingly. Be it a bar, cellar, library or game room, our experts will create a design and layout that ensures the most efficient usage of space.

With our services, you will be able to renovate, customize and complete your basement to your complete satisfaction. With Reborn, the basement development possibilities are endless, and your basement can be used for virtually anything. Therefore, with our vision and your insight, we will deliver solutions that surpass excellence.

Complete Basements

Once the planning and budgeting phase is completed, we will work alongside you to create the basement of your dreams. A devoted Project Manager will be assigned your renovation to ensure swift communication, deriving contingency plans, and monitoring progress.

During the design phase, all clients are invited to our showroom to discuss, suggest and approve our design plans. Further, we will use high quality materials that last and hold up to the test of time. At Reborn Renovations, our focus remains on quality, efficiency and client satisfaction.


Many households desire a second kitchen for recreation purposes, basement rental, or a simple cozy living space in your basement. At Reborn Renovations, we design kitchens that offer optimum functionality and look extremely impressive.

Designing and constructing a basement kitchen is not a piece of cake, the team at Reborn Renovations is well versed with the expertise to ensure client satisfaction. With us, you are bound to get maximum value for money.


At Reborn Renovation, we have the expertise and the experience to design the perfect bathroom. From simple bathrooms, to a complete spa experience, we will deliver beyond your expectations.

Increased Living Space

You will get more living space in your home for a relatively low investment. At Reborn Renovations, our team of professionals will work with you to design the basement that you desire.

Game Room

Are you planning to redefine the look of your basement by making it a game room? Reborn Renovations can help.

We can design a furnished basement themed around the activities you enjoy. From layout, design, lighting to theme, we will make sure to add value to your game room like no other.

Kids’ Sanctuary

Designing a kids’ sanctuary takes planning and commitment. At Reborn Renovations, we will help you design and create a play-area that caters to the demands of your children without disrupting the peace of your house. With the kids’ sanctuary nestled in the basement, you will give the children their desired freedom without having to worry about toys lying across the house.

Play Area

Are you tired of picking toys your children throw here and there? At Reborn Renovations, we can design a bright and interesting basement play area for your children. If your children love Disney Princesses, or are a diehard Marvel fan, we know the tips and tricks to design themed play-areas.


The experts at Reborn Renovations can transform your basement to a storage area. This way, you will get a dedicated space to store your products and enjoy them simultaneously. Schedule an appointment with our basement contractor today, to discuss the possibilities.

Basement Rental

With property prices increasing at a rampant pace, the only way to withstand the inflation is to use the basement as a rental property. This way, you utilize your free space and in return, make a handsome monthly amount. With this modern approach, owning your property is not a financial burden anymore, enabling you to enhance your real estate portfolio, and get financial independence.

So, if you are planning to rent out your basement, contact one of our experts today to discuss the endless possibilities.

Wine Cellars

A wine cellar in your own basement is an utmost joy. Most households prefer to get their wine cellars designed in the basement. At Reborn Renovations, we can help you design the perfect cellar that suits your liking and preference.

With elegant seating, bar and built in cellar, you can design a luxurious wine cellar at the convenience of your home. No more expensive markup on liquor with your own in-house cellar.

Home Theaters

Do you want to transform your basement into a movie theatre? We can help!

The experts at Reborn Renovations can build a home theatre of your dreams from scratch. We will take your requirements into consideration and then design a theatre in your basement that will be ideal for a friend’s stayover, casual lounging, or enjoying a football match with your buddies.

Guest Rooms

If you are expecting guests or need space to accommodate your child’s nanny, we can help you design guest rooms that not only look impressive, but also offer impeccable functionality. We design guest rooms in a manner that they can be easily transformed once your needs change.

Your Ultimate Solution – Reborn Renovations

Your basement is the perfect canvas to translate your aesthetic vision into a reality. With a functional basement you can explore endless possibilities. Regardless of your needs, the experts at Reborn Renovations will help you in designing the perfect basement that caters to your individual needs.

Call us now and schedule an appointment with one of our experts for a free quotation.